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Thanks for the content strategy tips, Valeria.

I'm currently working for an employer who wants to "demonstrate authority and expertise" to our core customer through new product, new workflow, and new communications approaches.

There's no doubt that the delivery of good content will help accomplish the mission.

I'm hoping that pitching an approach down the road using your key points helps demonstrate that both internal and external content strategy and scheduling can promote authority in a marketplace.

...I hope. In the meantime, I'm definitely reading your stuff!

Valeria, Good tips for a content strategy, and identifying the Who, What, When, Why and How. I could certainly benefit from an editorial calendar. One of my rules is remaining flexible so that I can respond or adapt as needed. And I might notice if you started recycling old posts, or at least, using the same great Calvin and Hobbes comics. ;-)

@Gabriele - that's why you need to plan and measure against plan. I disagree that just jumping in will do the trick.

@Alexandra - business and personal use are such different conversations with social, I found. It's easy to be lulled into having a casual or trial and error approach for business when it has worked in personal context. However, as you point out, that's a dangerous road to travel.

@Brian - it is hard work, even when one is in charge, so to speak. So having support from the organization and the team does make a big difference.

@Olga - glad you found the post useful. This is a very deep blog. I could publish from the archives for a year or so an nobody would be the wiser :)

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