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@Ann Marie - where the opportunity is. It will be interesting to see which way we go: more open, or even more closed.

@Gabriele - counseling and leading the way should be part of the role of communicators and public affairs professionals.

@Ivan - do you think that the role they have today is driven by how leadership and management think?

PR professionals need to make the switch from broadcast mode (listen to me!) to conversation mode... otherwise they're just talking to themselves.

There's a constantly shifting world out there, more and more focused on real-time conversations and people's opinions on what you and your brand do or don't do. I think for PR professionals it's an exciting moment to be something more than they used to be in the past, and judging from the PR friends I have, most of them are very thrilled about this new age.
Sadly for companies, this also means they will have to be careful about what they do, unlike they ever did before.

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