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@Sharel - thank you for stopping by.

@Brian - in the sense of relationships in public, it is even more. We bring the specialness in retaining our ability to see how we can be helpful and connective online. In the early days, we had a lot of fun having inter-blog conversations, commenting on each other's work, and being open to just trying stuff. Was reflecting upon that last night...

@Gabriele - what I'm seeing is a small minority, which is why I qualified my statement at the end. However, do these few skew the perception for everyone? And does it come at a time when companies are finally realizing the true value of social to muck the waters? Interesting times when things come out faster than ever, and it seems people have not caught up to the fact that rigging the system means they will be found.

It's definitely a trend I can see myself. I could say that there are as many people not taking advantage of their social media position than those doing so. Personally I think it comes down to your very own set of ethical principles, apart the ones laid down by your company (if they have any). It's the same set of principles stopping someone in a public position to take money to favor this and that entrepreneur - ok you might object there are legal implications here, but that's still similar.
If you're not an ethically correct person, you'll take advantage of any position you will be put in, offline and online.

I am a "Conversation Agent in Training."

- Be helpful
- Be in conversation
- Connect people and ideas

These have been made perfectly clear to me as a regular reader. They are simple, yet powerful ideals which mean a lot to me.

Like you, Valeria, I've seen those who would prefer special treatment in public over fair treatment offline, but I generally pay these people no mind. There are plenty more people needing (and receiving) our best offline, and I like to think they are inspired to pay it forward, going and doing likewise.

Social is inherently PR, isn't it?

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