Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - Why Customers Turn to Each Other for Help


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Great article Val. I think it always comes down to people like to deal with, buy from and build relationships with those that they like, trust and know. This means that when you have a website, you need to have a About Us that shows more information than a company profile. When you write in your blog you need to show your personality and when you send a Christmas card you make it personal to show you care.

I say make fewer real human connections rather than shallow transit ones and you will be rewarded 10 fold.

@Brian - thank you for contributing.

@Gabriele - yes, there is also the legal issue, not being able to confirm or deny something due to potential ramifications.

@Melody - more natural talk does help. As it does closing communication loops. If there is no new information, state that, etc.

@Jane - thank you for stopping by and adding to the conversation.

@Brian - there are intangibles, like social capital, that matter. They always did, by the way. We just called it something else.

@Melody - It was SO hard to just leave that comment as it was. I am a wordy sonofagun!

@Jane - I agree with you on creating shared value. The more an organization helps its customers, the more customers it will have. Now, some might set the cruise control at this point. I refuse to. The more our business helps the community, the more the community will support our business, which will enable us to do even more to help the community.

For us, the focus is NOT profit. Our focus is 110% on our community. The more successful we can make our community, the more successful we will be.

Our profits will never be more than HALF of what we put back into our community. If we make a dime, six cents gets reinvested in the community.

We are in the business of building high performance machines & lives.

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