Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - Why Customers Turn to Each Other for Help


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Great post. You / Brian make a very important point about the value of a community of peers versus a connection to a vendor through a seller. I also wonder what you think about the context of the peer exchange that community can develop to ensure a stronger affiliation. We are finding that by creating a strong context - one that is defined by shared value - that the peer exchange is even more powerful. I would be interested to know if you or others working on this approach too.

I think Brian Driggs said it all in the first comment, and managed to use so few words.

What's a corporation to do? There is something to the issue of speed of response. Have more corp people quickly responding on twitter, facebook. Fast fast fast, and don't ignore. :) And then, no canned scripts.

Happy Monday!

Another example of why customers turn to each other? When the brand/company simply *can't* give them the answers they are looking for.
The perfect example: DSL lines. No ISP will *ever* tell you if the performance of their lines in a particular area code suck, that's for granted. If you subscribe to a 20MBit connection, they will say it's a 20Mbit connection.
The only way to find out the truth? Ask other customers in your area. In this case, and many others, it's really the only way to make an educated purchase.

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