Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - 12 Reasons Why I still Use and Like FriendFeed


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And then there's the spam team. There's a reason there's very little spam on FF: a group of hardworking volunteers who spend hours of their time going around and investigating reported spam accounts - and snuffing them OUT. As Louis Gray put it, it's like being in a bar with a $10 cover charge and bouncers.

FriendFeed is the people. I certainly feel as if I know my FFeeps IRL - I've met some of them, and I spend some time with them almost every day, most weeks. In fact, my criteria for Facebook is, do I know you in real life, or have I known you on FF for a year or more?

FriendFeed works much better for me than either facebook or twitter. Point #12 is one of the main reasons I'm fond of FriendFeed, but it also just works better for conversation. Twitter may be slightly better for discovery, which is the only reason I continue to use it all, but the superior functionality of FriendFeed means I spend more time there than on twitter and facebook combined. (And I don't actually know any ffers IRL like I do most of my facebook friends.)

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