Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - WikiLeaks, Freedom of Expression, and Need for Maturity


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I am really not sure Wikileaks will change anything.
The things they are disclosing are the classic truths everyone whisper, the difference of having evidence of them or not really doesn't make much of a difference at all.
Ironically, the most huge of revolutions and changes will make no change whatsoever. Mainly because there are too many interests between the countries mentioned by their reports for them to "unfriend" each other solely based on these documents.
I agree with you 100% though, "freedom of expression comes with a price: and that is accountability".

Wikileaks is changing the world i think.

@Charles- valid questions both. Thank you for stopping by.

@Jonathan - so many links for further reading, thank you. "We need to look at our levels of corporate transparency and rapidly address our levels of trading with integrity." I agree, and that includes those pointing fingers at others. And indeed, more rules and laws are like fences trying to keep water in.

@Marc-Alexandre - I'm really glad the content is helpful to you. Thank you for saying that. I receive similar feedback from many entrepreneurs and professionals in larger businesses who hardly ever comment. This path here is one of discovery. I don't write what everyone else is writing because I get bored with pervasive topics, even when I feel I could add to them. And I know this blog is certainly not for skimming.

@Denise - thank you for the link. Alan is a deep thinker, and I always enjoy his perspective on issues.

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