Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - 5 Influence Traps you Must Avoid


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Agreeing with Gini on getting to the real work, whatever that is. ;-) Had never seen the "Microsoft iPod box" video.. hilarious! And sadly so true, a great illustration of falling into these traps of making it about you, not the customer; making it about bullet point benefits and features; acting like they're looking for you a shelf. They'll go where they need to get what they want/need, when they want, how they want it, at the price they're willing to pay, as they find (search) it. FWIW.

If I could kiss you for this, I would! I love the Field of Dreams analogy (I use it all the time). If you will build it they will NOT come. This is just like anything's hard work, takes strong strategy, and requires patience. Companies that only pay attention to those with high Klout scores or those on the AdAge Power 150 are doing themselves a disservice. Let's stop trying to cut corners and do some real work.

This made me think of something I read the other day about the 'online extrovert' and 'offline introvert'. Social tools do allow people to almost 'fake' who they are, what they sell, and the things they represent. Authenticity is genuine and online communication tools have allowed us to forget about this in many ways.

I love the way you summarized the Old Spice video because a lot of marketers and their seniors saw that and said 'we need to make a video that goes viral'. End of the day, it was spread, laughed at, talked about and done over (Grover :) ), but what did it gain Old Spice? They are still the 'cologne for older men' - makes me think of my Dad.

Looking forward to next week's post!

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