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Well, Valeria, I thought I would share I just 15 minutes ago finished reading Grant McCracken's "Chief Culture Officer. The receipt in the back cover reflected a purchase date of 10/22/10, so just under three months to read it through. I'll do a book a month one of these days!

Just ordered Umair's "New Capitalist Manifesto." I think Rao's book mentioned in this post will be my next adventure. :)

@Jack -- in fact, it is very private. I'm not sure where you got the sense it was public. Behavior, on the other hand, tends to be quite public, especially nowadays.

@John -- your optimism and outlook on life are contagious. Thank you for both, they are a gift. Enlightened self interest is what Rao talks about, you'll be right at home with the material, and I know you have values in sight when you talk about doing well by doing good. It is time to be outraged at passive acceptance of the kind of behavior the reviewer describes here in ourselves first, and our communities. Thank you for the book tip, too.

@Brian -- I warned you, I'm a bookworm. I love to read material that inspires, and gives of that deeper currency that is the human spirit through storytelling. The biggest issue I see is this constant rush to look at what others are doing and with some individuals and businesses, the expectation that they have the answers, when they don't have their own house in order. You gave another really good chuckle with the book a month comment. The beauty is that you can come back to these reviews when the time is right. Why I publish digitally ;-)

GAAAAAAAH! You're doing it again, Valeria.

I'm pretty sure you're the one who convinced me to pick up "Herd," by Mark Earls. I went from reading one book a decade to half a dozen in a year.

Fast forward: I was all set to pre-order Olivier Blanchard's authoritative new book about social media ROI. I suspect it will stand as one of the few books on the subject which provide value (and should prove immediately actionable in my new role here at the office). I met Mr. Blanchard through you.

Then Umair Haque (who you also tipped me to) announces his "New Capitalist Manifesto" is available. DO WANT.

And now, after a busy morning of incredible conversations around the web, I finally get a minute to hit the first blog on my list of dailies, and you're sharing a book where the author outlines...

1. Individual attitude adjustments. We can't do this on our own (but we have to start there). YES PLZ.

2. The corporate world is running out of time to get their shit together. Nothing stands before the endless march of sand. YES PLZ.

3. Societal value change; when we put society before our balance sheets. YES PLZ.

Truly, we all stand to benefit from our mutual efforts to make the world a better - NOT MORE PROFITABLE - place. At this rate, I'm gonna have to do a book a month to keep up!

(Taking a deep breath now...)

Thank you. :)

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