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Thanks, Valeria.

What is your vision?

12,293 days

Valeria, you were kind enough to post an “About You” piece on me back in November '09. The stated goal for my blog, “to provide content and coaching for fellow architects (in order to) to advance their missions” has not changed, but the emphasis now is on building an architectural blogging community.

As far as my content mix, in addition to my original posts, I’m using software to aggregate and curate industry specific articles on my blog.

For distribution, I rely on Facebook and LinkedIn a good bit less, but have parlayed my Twitter time with a blog-specific account. I find this to be an optimal balance for community building.

I will dig into your post for ideas and sites I may have overlooked.

Continued success to you and your readers in 2011.

Great post. Thank you for sharing your content plan and ideas. I just reevaluated my content mix for 2011 based on 2010 trends and reader feedback. I decided to focus on a more consistent direction, a content schedule, and less instability. I posted my new plan at .I'm looking forward to seeing how this year turns out. Thanks again for the great information!

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