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@Traci -- thank you for stopping by and for the book tip. I'm making quite a nice list with all the great suggestions we share.

@John -- which is why it's people who attract, not businesses. When you stop by is always a great day.

@Marnie -- and it can happen even years later. Usually it does, too.

@Natalie -- "without the internal ticker tape running" good choice of words.

@Jack -- inspiration hit at the right time. Glad you enjoyed.

@Kevin -- it was an insight I had when studying the work of experienced negotiators. I was working with a team to negotiate a JV, and devouring content about the process, and I thought, wow a conversation is a negotiation... of meaning. It is.

@Lisa -- why they are popular sayings. There is usually hard won wisdom in them.

@Beverly -- that would be a quiet and wonderful revolution, wouldn't it?

@Brian -- and to think that "different" is seen with such suspicion by businesses.

@Peter -- thank you. Glad I managed to absorb. Your partner in listening.

Lovely post. Captures the entwined themes of generosity of spirit, connection, diversity and mindfulness that have endured our friendship. Bravo.

What ^ they ^ said. :)

The only thing worth making is a difference.

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