Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - Love Drop Launches, Nate St. Pierre Reveals why he does it


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@Denis -- grazie. Indeed, and when those actions are good they return tenfold.

@Brian -- here's to making a positive difference.

@Nate -- hope you got caught up with my year end review. Keep up the good work.

@Christine -- I'm so glad you connected with Nate's work and that of the team. We need more people with your energy and enthusiasm. Have a great year.

Wow... thanks for introducing us to Nate! Nate, I just LOVE what you're doing here and immediately signed up for my weekly assignments. I think most of us have a desire to make a big difference, but we don't really know HOW. YOU have made the "how" possible - wow...

Thanks for the time this morning, Valeria - the only downside is that because it was an interview with me, I didn't get to read much about you and your thoughts! :)

Much love, my friend.


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