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@Gabriele -- organizations cannot have the cake and eat it, too. They cannot stock people into highly defined boxes and then ask them to think out of the box.

@Michael -- talking with you is time well spent. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on how we can think bigger.

@Brian -- marketing has become a symptom of businesses poorly conceived and poorly run.

@Christina -- would Klout tell you if someone will recommend your work? If the number if manageable, would you not want to be involved in making those decisions, or would you rather a tool tell you what people are about?

As I read through this, I couldnt stop thinking about all the people I know who found themselves laid-off these last couple years and tried to start their own venture. Excitement quickly fizzled into disappointment because it wasnt as easy as it seemed. I am going to pick up this book for a few people. Thanks for writing it Michael!

Regardless of what your 'big idea' is, there is no reason to not think 'big' thoughts about it. But dont do more than you can is the message I am getting. I also love the idea of a social network that tells me who I should be connecting with (based on Klout?) and keeps it at a manageable number.

That ^right there^ says it all.

As a rule, I avoid marketing efforts beyond actually benefiting others. I see telling people what we stand for, what we're out to achieve, and what we do as being less important than doing it and showing them.

Still, like the organic produce at the grocer's, a little more word of mouth wouldn't be a bad idea. I really like the comments about how it doesn't take 100,000 followers or friends to be successful. Sooth.

Thanks for sharing.

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