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My problem is often point #1: missing the big picture.
When I get stuck in a new project I often find myself so immersed that I need to force myself to stop working on it altogether to be able to see the project within its future "context".

Taking a half or even a full day break often generates new/complementary ideas that makes the project that much better.

I loved this post, Valeria. One of your best. I have to agree re: your warning about forgetting to be grateful. It may be simple, but I continually notice that when I say thank you to others, their kindness comes back to me again 10 fold. People are very happy to help...and they are even happier if they see you appreciate them.

Wow, didn't expect to find so many insights on one list. It's my first time here but I smell lots of substance...think I'll be poking around for a while!

Especially love 5,9,10. These day, more than ever, I need to remind myself of these!

P.S. Prezi is AMAZING. Thank you for sharing.

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