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Thank you Valeria for the great review - I really appreciate it, especially coming from you.

@tomob -- I am a firm believer in the power of categories, but those are increasingly defined/created by consumer tribes, not analyst firms and vendors. Also, research is important indeed, but only if done in the context of consumer cultures instead of market segments...I know you and I are thinking alike :)

@cynthia - we have been belonging to tribes for eons. Our new tribes are based on shared interest, shared pains, shared passions rather than geography, and we are much more nomadic that we used to be, other than that, its based on the same dynamics.

@brian - the key is fairness, for which humans are hardwired. We are willing to pay a personal toll to punish someone we consider unfair.

This book is certainly generating some buzz of late. I've even heard some people say it's next-level material. Everything I've heard, though, sounds good.

I particularly like the bits about business always being social. That's one of my core beliefs. Sales and marketing began with people directly interacting with other people. I think we need to get back to doing more of that - authentically.

Definitely one on my radar. :)

@Tom -- indeed, that is part of what I do with my clients.

@Cynthia -- what makes us tick as humans: stories, relationships, affiliation with purpose and meaning, etc.

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