Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - Are Dads a New Market Opportunity?


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I know personally my wife and I decide on things together in our household. Many people do, maybe they dont realize it. After a product is used, whomever used it will a comment and make the long term decision use it or not. Depending who makes the trip to the store will be the consumer who gets focused upon. But then again, their are partners out there that make decisions for others, but its the end user who will make the decision. There are also the people who dont care and will use anything that is repeated over and over again to them.

I think its better to have a great product then great marketing and advertisements, but that should be assumed since I do not like to be duped or ripped off. New media just allows informed consumers to ask real questions and make comments to brands directly. And men and women both can ask those questions. Hopefully the big companies will not think that they will be able to push the buying folk around.

Pow! Nicely done, Valeria!

Big opportunity here for someone to put the $$ signs next to this segment. I think of how the identification of purchasing power for women was often talked about but when someone put $$'s on it, suddenly an industry was born. Is the reverse now possible? ;)

Well I can't say I have ever thought much about this, but I must say that you're right. Especially here in Italy dads aren't even part of the equation, probably 'cause it's taken for granted that it's moms who decide for what concerns kids and the house.
We keep saying the old, pre-set roles are fading away, but even if "we all know it" - as it usually happens with matters like these - the content isn't just ready for that.

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