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Smart post, Valeria. We were just talking about the best type of content at work the other day and stories came up as something customers can relate to and want to share.

You are right, culture change is no flip of a switch. It takes a long time and one of the toughest parts is creating buy in that people need to do their jobs a different way. For instance, the person who has spent 10 years writing press releases every day might better serve the company by cutting that time in half and working to create other types of online content people are more likely to share. But without leadership telling him/her to change, the move will occur at glacial speeds.

Do you have any tips for speeding up change? Or for helping folks see the benefits of doing their jobs a different way? Would be interested to hear anything you could share. Thanks.

We had a couple of rogue sales guys at my last corp job who had created digital outposts in an effort to drive traffic to their name and region. Those teams understand the value of content and are eager to realize it. What often happens is in those very same companies marketing is underfunded, stretched to the max, and, in some cases, the top person doesn't understand it nor appreciate it. Which is why there is a disconnect. Companies would rather go out of business than change. Most do.

Nice piece, and hits right at the core of some key issues, as to why businesses are struggling with social media. Most co's (including big tech co's I've worked with last few years) are heavily sales driven--if it doesn't add to the bottom line, transforming the content is only a "nice to have" on the checklist. Small co's are living hand to mouth so this barely registers, while the big guys are still run by senior managers that come out of the traditional marketing world. They want to embrace social media and a new content strategy, and yes, there have been some strides made...but overall, we're coming up short and it's an unnatural fit...Sure there are exceptions but if you really took a clear look at most co's, fundamental changes are coming slow, if at all (just throwing up some blogs and Twitter accounts doesn't count). We are still in the early stages of this revolution, and as you keep saying, content is the key--but nothing will happen until we change mindsets.

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