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Yes, curation is important for news, but curation should be seen as a means to an end, not the end itself. It's currently probably one of the most used, misused and abused words in the context of social media. But curation isn't entirely dependent on social media, although it's a part of it. Content/news curation has been around for a long time before social media. Social media and the real-time web amplify the news. Curation gives it another twist.


To answer your question, I agree that a mere collection of clips is not a good curation (although identifying good content out of the information overload has value, one could claim). The curator selects content, of course, but then can add his personal touch: contextualization, comment, organization, etc. The mission of a good curation tool is to make this easy. Admittedly, some curators are actually just bookmarking. But I believe good curators will emerge and will gain reputation, based on their selection of content and also on their personal style.

@Marc -- so far, the users I have seen have simply taken my content and that of others, not just the links... which to me is the anti-curation movement. No original thought added, just a clip of my post in some other guy's front page. How is that adding value?

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