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Thank you Valeria. Cannot agree more, on both points: curation is a skill (hence, a human commitment, not any type of machine magic) and tools still have a long way to go.

We at consider the curator as an Editor in chief. The tool suggests content (by searching the social web) but, upon "scooping" a content, the curator is invited to edit it, to add value to it.

At the end of the day, a good tool should make it easy to find relevant content and to organize it in a personal way, but good curations come only from good curators.

Please let me know if you are interested to try (we are private beta - early days :)), I'd be delighted to have your feed back, since I believe we agree on the mission :)

Welcome to the conversation, Marc. Curation is a skill that goes beyond what modern tools provide. There are so many who set up sites to just grab the RSS of blogs and republish; and bookmarklets make that easy. If you asked those people, they'd probably tell you they "curate" their social presences by selecting the best posts, when all they do is scrape content by others. A generation of tools that encourages original thought, citations vs. scraping or reposting, would be a step in the right directions. Early days indeed.

And the filters may change over time, too. For example, I revisit my Google Reader monthly to recalibrate whether the blogs and publications I syndicate are giving me the information I need to continue to learn, etc.

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