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Great points... continue to believe that the long tail can wag the dog where influence is concerned. While B, C, D and F listers may not have the following size of say David Armano, their followers likely have a much stronger relationship to them and thus, the F lister might actually have more Klout with his 150 followers than David has with his 30,000. At least in so far as people actually reading and being moved by a post and the tweet(s) promoting it.

Good food for thought... thanks for sharing.

I read this post just beacuse i really like that title that you used "How do You Influence the Influencers?", who doesnt want to know this?

anyway this is a great post, keep posting about this topic :-)

I love talking about the topic of influencers - quite possibly as a result of 15+ yrs in the "influencing" business.

For so long, brands looked to celebrities to endorse their product and influence purchases with their fan base. Around the time when reality TV came along, we realized that we didn't need "celebrities" to influence - everyday people that we connected with in some way could influence.

Now with social media, those models have really shifted. Moms everywhere are connecting with mommy bloggers they've never met and are influenced by their product reviews. This is repeated in every sector.

I think we've always been influenced by our peers, but the technology we have now gives us access to build a larger network - and gives brands the tools to "influence the influencers". I know a lot of marketers get overwhelmed with all the new resources at their disposal, but these are exciting times, indeed!

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