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However, I was reminded in more than one circumstance that you can only lead a horse to the water... doing is important.

When I read Ken Follet's "Pillars of the Earth" I was thinking of the coexisting movements of the people in the story and the bricks in the Cathedral with the backdrop of medieval history and all that shifted at the time. Stories weaved together and yes, changing with the times -- high movement, with things shifting constantly (at lest that was my impression in history class).

Your kids have a richer environment populated by more questions -- knowing you, better questions and observation -- than people had in the past. Learning lightly means survival now. In the past, knowing for sure was.

Everyone is in love with the recipes -- how -- those who know the ingredients, why and what, are who.

when I was actively organizing free social media events -- we did not call it that 10+ years ago -- we had a couple of speakers who worked with the principles of appreciative inquiry. They were good sensei.

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