Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - Sara Holoubek Asks How Resilient is Your Business?


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Valeria, Sara - I enjoyed reading Sara's perspective in this interview on an emerging company embracing a new generation of business. I recognized kindred themes in Sara's work with businesses born during the era of modern-competitive-"post-industrial"-"information age" business. Today's successful business needs to embrace extreme-agility to surf the waves that are unfolding under our feet.

We work with many mid-sized businesses in traditional industry. In my business's world of Digital Marketing and Market-Dialogue, we see companies struggling with hierarchies, information silos and egos when they are served far better by collaboration, information sharing, experimentation and an embrace of learning/improving from failures. There is such a need/demand for transformation that I've thought about offering "digital marketing therapy" for the corporation!

At any rate, new generation organizational models are required ... its just not fully clear which ones are going to work best for which situations. We use some ideas that emerged out of agile software practices. Check out my friends at for some cool work on dynamic steering and agility.

Thanks again for raising the conversation.

Curious to hear from the Conversation Agent community: are you working in an company/industry that aims to become more resilient in the face of change? If so, what are the concrete steps you are taking?

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