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Interests are situational, of course. That graph looks a lot like the search box at the top -- it starts with a specific inquiry. I can tell you from experience that I am much more persuasive in person that online. And if you find people who have interviewed and met me, they will confirm there was a stronger connection made. Connections can also be situational based upon goals and interest ;-)

this is raw thinking, of course. Execution is much more polished and meaningful. Thank you for the support.


I think one of the major shortcomings of how influence is calculated on the web is the lack of context.

Guy Kawasaki has a MUCH higher clout score than Danny who owns the PriusChat forum ( )- but Danny is MUCH more influential regarding all things hybrid than Guy ever will be.

So if you are trying to sell hybrids, you are much better off working with Danny than Guy - but neither Klout nor any other social media influence tool will reveal that.

This is the next big thing in marketing - shifting from the "social graph" (your connections) to the "interest graph" (what you care about).

I think I need to write this one up.


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