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I would love a system than lets me record conveniently what I eat in calorie count, for example. And I might share it with a friend who is interested in the same kind of information. Right now, the system is go search each ingredient on a Web site, write it down, add the counts each meal and day... technology would make that much easier for me. In turn. I would be inclined to share that with others. Now say I need to also understand and account for insulin levels, or allergens, or fats, etc... you can see how my own motivation to know that and to help others who grapple with the same issue would attract me to such a scanner/recorder.

"The influencers of myth are more like amplifiers - who mistake their volume for their ability." is well put.

Sad that I might have missed any of your comments due to the switch in systems.

And also in relevant situations. I continue to be underwhelmed by the lack of interest in understanding what helps move people or touches them in positive ways that comes even from big name companies.

Hi Valeria,

What you are describing looks a lot like game mechanics - designing systems with epic purpose, feedback loops, rewards, challenges to take, obstacles to over come and of course - rules. It's a theme popping up in a lot places.

On the theme of the influencer and the myth of influencer.

I find the "real" influencers are those least influenced by their times. The one(s) who must stubbornly arrive at their own conclusions and even then, hold them as lightly as a father holds their first child.

The influencers of myth are more like amplifiers - who mistake their volume for their ability.

No guessing which camp I think you fall in.

Always nice to drop by. But sad that the recent comments were a casualty of the updated site.


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