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You know what's even better than being on an elevator with a CEO? How about being on a cruise ship with a CEO. Seriously, I have attended several events, not all of them on marketing cruises and I always am able to network with new people, and I usually have more ideas than I can handle. Great Job! - Chad

The thing I used to find challenging was so many ideas, so many people talking, etc. Now, I jot ideas down into my phones notepad app so that I can come back to it later. Before, I used to think it was rude but at most conferences everyone's looking at their phone Tweeting and checking in on Foursquare anyway so I figure I'm good :-)

I think alike, for example social media (in any form, be it the community around your blog, or around your Facebook page, or on Twitter) can be an excellent way to engage before and after a conference with people you know will attend it, speakers included.
Some people uniquely network offline, some uniquely online, although I am leaning slightly towards the latter, I do understand the mix of the two is the real winning outcome.

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