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It was a great conversation between two smart marketing minds. Well done! Mitch often says he doesn't do radio, I agree. He doesn't play the same songs over and over again with mindless drivel in between. He produces quality audio content (along with his daily blog posts, of course) and it was great to hear you as a part of it.

Hey Mitch,

Very excellent interview with Valeria. Keep on teaching about consistency in creating useful, quality and engaging content. People who listen and are willing to take something away from this will honestly benefit from it. Valeria shared some excellent tips on Blogging more effectively and efficiently. Most true Bloggers in the Blogosphere are always writing unique and engaging for their readers. Valeria, you are on the mark so please keep on encouraging others and sharing your message. People are listening and if people will absorb the truth about the benefits of connecting with the community through true Social Media. Excellent points discussed in this interview with you and Mitch.

Thanks for taking the time to have a conversation with me about Marketing. I've found it hard to have a substantive conversation in 10 minutes and Podcasting ain't radio... Hence the length. My strategy is simple: experiment with audio while making it as short or as long as the conversation is interesting.

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