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there you go. You know how that happens.

Yep - I buy that.
Still a bit concerned about the fragility of handover of the steering wheel.

Coming from a completely different world (organizational change on SAP implementations) I tend to design the communication approach so it can cater for ownership from day 1.

But then again - like you - I find myself sometimes rewriting the whole piece; even for internal customers.

allow me to be partial to the role, given that I have done it ;-) In fact, some of the eBooks and articles I authored were better received by customers than those written by experts. Because as a communicator I put myself in the readers' shoes. And you can make your copy search-engine friendly without losing sight of your key audience.

the reason why I stand behind marketers being in the driver's seat is motivation. It's early days. Front line staff hardly makes the time to come up with content ideas, or with the idea that content is important. And I worked with exceptional people, so no ding there. Just a different way of thinking about responsibilities and roles in organizations.

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