Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - Are You in Charge of Content Delivery?


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Hi Valeria,

You make a valid point on the need for content delivery. However, I tend to disagree on the role of Marketing and Internal Communication. At best they are a broadcaster / a platform. Never in the driver's seat (because once you are in there - everyone will behave as a passenger).

Putting them in charge of content creation will generate ... advertising. And we know how that story goes and we see how it misaligns on social media.

On the other hand - I do like the conclusion of this article. "catalyst" in the true sense of the word may be the appropriate role, i.e.: facilitating the process of content creation (of operational people and formost: frontline staff) without taking part in it.

The nice part of the word "catalyst" is that it emerges from chemistry - which is where we want to get ultimately.

Best regards,

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