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Content marketing is an extremely important part of the mix, especially for B2B. You need to prove to your audience that you know your stuff. There's a lot of noise when it comes to content, so it's important to stand out from the crowd. This can be done by creating quality content that is unique on a consistent basis.

I'm thinking more and more about the attention part. To me it's about generating interest. The problem with attention-getting thinking is that inevitably you get to talk about gimmicky creative that sometimes are of little value. The other thought I have around content is that as buyers (it's better in B2B) we're not that sophisticated, so we tune in to stories than resonate with us, with the story we like to tell or show about ourselves, if that makes sense.

Excellent conversation with your team on commitment and focus. Because when they are total, they can provide results quite rapidly. Sustaining those results is the next conversation around time. Thank you for stopping in, Patrick. I know you have plenty on your plate.

Earning the attention of your audience is the hardest part of creating content. You need to create value, credibility and respect - let alone the awareness that you're there. I know there's much more information I would love to consume if I had the time. But then I also don't have the time to put it all into action so need to prioritize where my attention goes.

Same with our customers, who are busy running their businesses. Why should they take time to read our stuff? Only if it helps them do their jobs or run their businesses better. Otherwise it's just more noise.

I've been talking internally to our teams about how content is an asset we're building - and need to build - but that it takes time / commitment / focus. As much as many wish they can shout louder from the hilltop to look at their content/product/service, it doesn't work. In fact it does the opposite.

You've articulated the challenge and importance so well here.

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