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Ah, Michelangelo Merisi. I've been fortunate to see a couple of originals in Vienna and NYC -- an experience worth having. Well, as a woman, I know Michael's quote all too well. Thank you for putting in the research and work to give us this book.

V: thank you dear - appreciate your kind words. The early posts (and your Caravaggio reference) began a long conversation carried on by many, resulting in the book finally seeing the light of day.

The mindset is what's important and something you've clearly put your finger on in your post. When Mandy at Adobe tells us that any time a competitor acts, you've got to be ready - or when Mike Cassidy tells us that "there's no room for 'I told you so' on high performing teams" - we're deep in the inner game of how to topple giants.

I hope this deep dive serves as a good starting point for anyone, as Michael Port put it, "fighting above their weight class." Thanks again -

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