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I wish that I knew that this blogpost would lead me back here! I guess one could say that life is like Chat-Roulette...without the nude guys in Donald Duck masks. Thanks Valeria. You are truly sweet and sharply astute.

and cry. But the melody is the same.

To the point of critical thinking ( and maybe its the same point) the more I work with people the more I realise that we become imprisoned by what we learn and hold too tightly.

Imagine a video game in which you were provided poor instructions ( but didn't know it). If you were a good learner you'd learn the instructions and play the game accordingly.

But, If you were my kids you'd never read the instructions, immerse yourself in the game and figure out how to play really well over time. More importantly you'd discover the game was far bigger, challenging and exciting than if you just followed the instructions provided.

I see this where I work. There are instructions provided ( maximise shareholder value/ beat up on the management team) and directors play the game accordingly. But there is much, much more which can't be seen until they let go of the incomplete and some times wrong instructions they tend to work from.

Perhaps what I'm trying to say is that you need to learn from the game and learn the instructions provided lightly.

as much as I can and know how to, this community is a place of fewest barriers and much richness of perspectives. Practicing critical thinking does make us flexible. Well said.

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