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Time to do it again. Drink the drops that is - its quite magic.

Yes, that what we do. We can collect about 50,000 litres and we use it for everything.

Off grid ( we have solar too) personalises the limited physical resources we have individually and as a planet. Waste it/destroy it and you soon feel the consequences.

Unfortunately centralised utilities depersonalise the consequences. To your point how do you influence behaviour - build dams rather than water tanks, build coal fire power plants rather than localised renewables etc. Influence exists in the things that move slowly.

It's not a hippy thing either. It's just mindfullness.

I saw the systems they have in Bermuda to collect the rain off roofs and recycle it in the house. I'm thinking that love, too, falls under the important concept to strike a meaningful internal conversation about. I used to put my face to the rain in the summer when I was a kid, and drink the drops ;-)

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