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gifts are such a precious exchange! It's the process of choosing the right one, thinking about the person, creating the story that surrounds the gift that is so enjoyable. Glad to know you're approaching it with such thoughtfulness.

I remember when Michael J. Fox announced about his health issues. He did an interview, I forgot where, and said how quickly you learn to edit down, get to the core of things. That comment stayed with me over the years.

Time and the people in our lives. Going around accumulating more of everything, when we hardly spend enough time looking at and enjoying what we have. My thoughts are with you and your sister.

you gave me a bit of food for thought here about efficiency for my Monday post. I think if we track results, we'd balance in favor of effective vs. what we perceive as being efficient. My mother taught me -- when you're in a hurry, slow down. You'll make fewer mistakes, and enjoy what you're doing a lot more, which gives off that nice vibe to others... I love Florence and surrounding area. Thank you for the visual.

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