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Excellent post, and timely as I'm in the midst of a series on why people in my line of work (marketing/PR for higher educational institutions) should blog. In fact, your post inspired one of my own this morning. I hope you'll stop by to have a read.

I read A LOT. It not only helps to inspire me to write about topics but to gain a better understanding of what my audience is reading and paying attention to.

I try different articles both in style and topic. And then I always look at analytics. I am obsessed with looking at what is read more and spreads further and why. Can I come to any conclusions? Can I do it again?

Funny that I find this now. I have been wrestling with the content to write on PostageApp's blog, until I had a recent revelation that people want to read blog posts that contain many of the responses you received.

The worst part? I have been reading about how to write great blog posts for so long, but it never really materialized for me until I had to start writing beyond a personal blog.

Thanks for the post!

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