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I think the best way to connect in this day and age is just being genuinely interested in who we meet and making memorable connections with them. Being positive and being a generally good person will definitely bring more good than harm.

they could be a peer. My former CEO is my business mentor -- we worked together for many years. And I now have the chance to help with his projects as well. My approach with people I admire is to be helpful, provide specific feedback about why I like what they're doing (you'd be surprised how few do), and in general, being a resource to them. Which makes it alright to ask for counsel when you need it.
Thank you. My blog has a very long tail... I'm in it for the long haul. However, not everyone is as sophisticated as you are. I always look for ways to be helpful and welcoming to the community.

and you never know who you may meet and the kinds of opportunities that open up for you in the process.

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