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I'm a big fan of doing, as you know. You can even start a career in marketing by selling ice cream cones in a gelateria, like I did. Put yourself where there are other people, learn from them, allow them to see you how you work.

thank you for stopping by, Dan.

I love to connect with people and connect them to others that are a good fit.I've met some great people and we've started some interesting projects together just by jumping out of our comfort zone and connecting. I like the idea you mention: "hire a personal board of mentors", but this sounds a bit harder than connecting for mutual benefit or mutual interest. What exactly do you mean by vested in your success? How would you suggest approaching experts you may not know to join your "board"? or did you mean to approach colleagues and those you already know?
By the way, I cruised your blog a bit and it seems you get more participation than many blogs do. Although comments are a true high, analytics can speak loudly for your blog and each post. Keep up the good info.

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