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I wrote about that report in relationship to value and being meaningfully specific. Thank you for reminding me!

On Influence, I really like the simple and data driven model proposed by Forrester: R Augie and Josh Bernoff:

What they also show is that there is a huge overlap between the mass maven (the one that write content that is read by 80% of people) and the mass connectors (the one that broadcast it to the masses). Around 70% overlap.

If you cross these figures with the Yahoo study on twitter (20K people make 50% of the tweet and within these 20K bloggers are the only one that actually flow content in the entire network) .. the net is that the best approach to find influencers in a tribe is to look at the maven , in other words the bloggers and then expand to the connectors .

This is what we do and you can have a look at how accurate we rank influencers looking at our top 150 social marketing blogger. You're #10 and David is # 7 in our real time ranking; top 3 being Jeremiah, C Brogan and Seth Godin.

We also have published influencer ranking for many communities on this free site:

Feedback are warmly welcome!

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