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hope you had a good conference and trip back, Chris. Staying in touch is where the magic happens. I've done business with people I met years ago thanks to our mutual desire to touch base on our projects and seek opportunities to collaborate.

one other thing I like to do is asking the person I meet for how she likes to connect. For example, is it easier/preferable for her to connect on Twitter and then take it from there? I get Facebook and LinkedIn invites from people I barely met or who were at the same program or in the same group and we never even met... assuming I use all networks in the same way they do will not help with connection. I also have a published social network policy of how I participate in the top menu. It's puzzling people would not first check out someone's blog (if they have one). That's a person's hub, the strongest signal.

Good advice - something I'll take to heart just having attended a major event. Speaking of which, it was delightful to meet and converse with you at Confab!

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