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I'm thinking that account is using a lot of the correct keywords to be on that list, even though context is just limited to PR jobs. When you use a Top25 list, you can choose to delete certain accounts and "keep" others that you know are relevant by favoring them. The limitations with algorithms continue to be around judgment and having the option to adjust manually is helpful.

Exactly, influence is decided by the influenced.

A few months ago I discovered I was on Traackr's PR2.0 Influencers' A-List. But I only found out because a twittermate (@debweinstein) told me about it via a tweet. I have no idea when I first appeared on the list and at that stage the @traackr account wasn't even following me (although @pierreloic and I have been mutual follows for quite some time).

I liked the fact that my tweets generally scored higher than most others on the list (almost always with a much higher following counts--i.e., reach and resonance) in terms of "relevance." On the other hand, I was mystified when the @mnpr account suddenly appeared out of nowhere and zoomed to the top of the list with 100 per cent relevance. (And has stayed that way for several weeks--position and relevance.)

How relevant is it to clients (or potential clients) when almost all of his tweets are about PR jobs (especially in the Minnesota area)?

Still, it's a list I'm happy to be on, because I know I did absolutely nothing to GET ON (i.e., online friendships, mutual linking, etc.) or STAY ON it. If a third-party platform is analyzing my social media presence and deeming those oriented to "PR" relevant enough to get me on the list, that's great to know. But neither will I be devastated if my number starts to drop or I disappear from the list entirely. Influence is relative to time and circumstances.

isn't that literally what you can do? With this tool, you can see what people talk about, how often, how applicable to your topic, and with how many? Or am I messing up a proposition somewhere? It's very possible I would do that. Thank you for the comment.

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