Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - Do we Need to Revisit our Settings for Trust and Transparency?


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Really enjoyed this post and the comments Valeria—thank you. There are very fine lines to be drawn here, and I think it is so helpful that you stress the kind of relationship trust and transparency have. The important things are exactly your take away messages—how to judge situations with a kind of consistent method. In a way, it’s using a personal protocol to determine when you might be making the wrong thing public. With the frenetic energy that social media lends to us, it’s very helpful to have some of these basic protocols in place for ourselves to help us see each situation calmly and clearly.

opening the doors to potential partners, business writers, etc. is a good move. I'd be curious to hear how it works longer term, because it is a model that could work when everyone is on the same page on why they are doing it.

Watching what you tweet -- and comment -- is wise.

Great post and comments you guys. I really enjoy getting in on these conversations.

I couldn't agree more with Chase's comments on how people in our age group are damaging their image by how they portray themselves on Facebook. Guess what, its not just your friends who are seeing you do that keg stand in that skimpy bikini on spring break on MTV back in 2006, as impressive as it may have been at the time. Nothing is private anymore.

While trust takes time to develop, I feel that transparency is the best way to start building beneficial relationships. In the case of the agency that I work for, we have been in business less than a year. With our lack of time in the market, we have been unable to build long lasting relationships of trust with clients. As a result, we try to be as transparent as possible.

To help with this transparency, we have opened our doors to influential bloggers, potential partners, and business writers to come sit in on our client meetings/ client pitches to see how we conduct our business. This has worked heavily in our favor so far. Additionally we have a live stream of Twitter updates on our landing page from all of our agency employees meaning we need to watch what we tweet because it will always reflect on our company.

These are just a few ideas that we have started with so far. I would love to hear some feedback from you guys as to what other initiatives we can take to help us in these areas.

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