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We just had a conversation about charismatic brand experiences. To achieve them, retail platforms must start in consumers’ minds and get at the heart of what, when, where and why consumers buy. It’s not enough to build campaigns that answer these questions. Every aspect of the retail platform must scream, “We meet consumers’ needs.”

I'm suggesting everything should be organized around the business: Organizations are in need of strength, endurance, and resilience. It's the way in which they go about it that needs retooling. Companies are working with 20th Century business models when customers are using 21st Century work and collaboration tools to connect and get things done.

This flip is so intuitive, yet most businesses don't think like this. Everything is organized around the business, I think, because that's the risk averse way to think. Designing your business around the experience, takes guts. That's why a company like Netflix is dominating, and others are finding it hard to catch up.

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