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Valeria. Good post. Got me thinking "Linchpin" again. Keep up the good work.

I'm glad we've come to this point.

It seems that corporate customers are a little on the stupid side. Never before have corporations had so much instruction on how to buy well and yet they continue to "buy" poorly.

This is the thing, if you think about corporations as customers of services from the wise experienced etc. It is often those same people who are most critcal of the corporation

"The smartest and ablest experts in knowledge-intensive industries sometimes appear quickest to mock their customers' perceived ignorance and incompetence. This behavior isn't cathartic; it's corrosive."

Does this mean corporate customers need to be given more credit for their decisions or the whole customers know better thing is a little overstretched and the truth is they're are more than a little dumb.

indeed it doesn't. As buyers we are often informed yet not smart -- we will not do as much learning about a product's features as a seller does...

And you are spot on in terms of what customers stitch together.

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