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>There are so many new tools coming to market every day that it's daunting to figure out what will be useful and where to invest your time learning.

Yes indeed and have looked closely at and/or used many but usually abandon. However, I'm now getting more into Eqentia for reasons outlined in your fine post.

it's "both/and" indeed. Good point on implicit discovery. I'd like to add that some people are better "leaves readers" for that than others. Why "who" you hire to develop and lead in those areas matters a great deal. I am astounded that organizations would not take a more aggressive role in the hiring process and still outsource most of it to recruiters who clearly demonstrate a very weak understanding of what the business needs. So far, I have met a one or two who were willing to spend the time qualifying the ask.

with so much designed for everyone these days, it's really good to come across a tool that was designed with the enterprise uses and needs in mind. My vision is to help organizations become stronger, more resilient, and build endurance.

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