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I didn't know Indeed offered trends! That's pretty cool. From the looks of the top 10 trends over there, it's obvious that businesses are looking more and more toward skills which support social initiatives.

The fact that we're still seeing so much focus on "social media," Twitter, Facebook, et al., suggests to me that many of these businesses still don't quite get it. Consider the graph for "email." In the last five years, Indeed shows a 5% drop in demand, from just under 15% of postings mentioning "email" to just under 10% in January of this year.

Email is a tool - not a skill.
The same goes for social media.

Email is used to accelerate communication across the organization and between stakeholders around the world. Business figured that one out.

Social media really isn't that different. We are all customers. "Business needs" revolve around people.

Like you said, Valeria, "It's not that damn hard." :)

Relevant article from today, How to Hire for Social Media Management

That's a very good observation, and it reminds of a similar trend during the early Internet days (1996) when the number of corporate Internet-related jobs sky-rocketed with an amazing array of variety (I once compiled a list of about 200 various job titles with "Internet" in them).

What would be interesting is to go below the surface and look at the different types of jobs with a social media component and we'll probably see the astounding variety, e.g. social media governance, social media partnerships, director of social media, social media content writer, social media community mgr, SM Marketing Mgr, etc.

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