Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - How Facebook Will Steal Your Customers


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Interesting article. Facebook is definitely growing to be a giant in the digital world and has more or less monopolized social media. While I have fears that they will abuse users personal information down the road, I hope that Facebook will maintain its values as they continue to grow and revolutionize the web.

Facebook can be a great marketing tool, but it should really only be one part of an online marketing strategy. The best strategy is diverse. This is especially true because as you mention, you are putting a lot of power into other people's hands, whether it be Facebook, Google, or any other outlet that is used to connect with customers.

I completely agree with you Valeria. Use Facebook as a tool to build a relationship with your customers, serve them, and when Facebook decides to take them away, it won't matter because you would have served your customers well and they'll follow you!

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