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there's a little of bit of small town effect -- everyone is doing it, we can do it, too -- going on there. People still get things done through search and offline, yet I don't see much of a rush to improve Web properties, navigation, experience, content, etc.

Call me old fashioned, I think there is value in building and nurturing your own community.

people have been asking "what is the next Facebook" for a while. As long as we focus on the shiny objects, we lose sight of what is within our control - building community, delivering great experiences and service, and providing value at every interactions. The rest is tactics :)

that article inspired me to dig deeper and curate my own archives and content for a more meaningful experience. So thank you for that.

I continue to use the Facebook page as a place to communicate and inform, an outpost. As you know, I never use my profile.

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