Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - Role of the Participant-Observer in Organizations


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I agree the meta narrative is interesting but I fear many in C level and above have become conceptually illiterate.

Unable to read, "they" have become unable to comprehend that which they did not intend. Nor recognise this quality in others.

The thing is, if no one can read it's all equal. That is until someone figures it out and indeed surprises their competitors.

I've found someone new to read. Thank you.

It's been said of Genevieve Bell that she's Intel's "secret weapon". So, in answer to the question, "How many companies realize the importance of rounding out their understanding of customers...", I'd answer, "Probably far more than will let on, and far fewer than is healthy."

Asking customers, VOC, etc. -- none of it goes far enough. Really getting on the ground, in context, and observing, is what's required. That in turn requires resources, so only companies that are serious about innovation will go there. I did new product development in a company with a preponderance of very mature products, so I know whereof I speak.

The metanarrative here is fascinating -- about how perspectives on technology are marginalized, including those of the very people that use the technology and make it spread, maybe not as planned, but with positive impact nonetheless. This can be marginalization by age, gender, location, etc. Companies that are interested in innovation and growth will certainly hold onto their assumptions lightly. And they'll expand their views of who and what is part of the conversation, to the surprise of competitors.

Thanks for the post, and the hat tip!

in short, yes. This is a role for someone who has dome depth of experience and critical thinking (suspend judgment). If we ever hope to move the conversation forward, we must evolve in how we approach social media interactions. It's not about the many channels, it's about what people get done and how we make them better at what they want to do...

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