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Thanks, Valeria -- Yes, Chris Guillebeau is great, so is Tara Gentile, Abby Kerr, Crafting an MBA, and many more. I agree there are resources for artists and writers out there when there didn't used to be any before, certainly not in most MFA programs up until recently.

I guess I'm just not comfortable with entrepreneur and business owner being used interchangeably on the cover. But clearly it raised some questions for me, so there's food for though there.

there is a great community that supports artists at The Art of Non Conformity, if you didn't know about it. I do think Roth addresses the core issue of handling the business -- whatever you want to call it. Like getting paid, billing enough to make a living/compare with market rates, etc. In my experience, there are two kinds of striking out on your own, the "want to" because of passion and desire and the "have to" because there are no other options...

I don't see her use of "entrepreneur" as a point of contention. Maybe that's just me.

This is a question that's come up a lot lately. I'm not sure that running your own business and being an entrepreneur are the same thing. According to Roth's questions, I don't fit the description. I can (learn to) do many of the required things she asks about to support myself, but would I call myself a textbook entrepreneur? No. The quandary is this: as an artist and writer, how can I survive and thrive without being an entrepreneur? Who will do the 'business' stuff of having an arts career if I don't? The agent/rep and gallery model is phasing out. How about instead of getting stuck with definitions, we consider people who feel like they must strike out on their own, regardless if they fit the description of an entrepreneur or not?

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