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Excellent post. I so agree that reacting is the opposite of critical thinking. And your suggestions for how to do content curation well are helpful.

Blogs like yours are helping to transform the social media culture from quick-responses to well-considered idea-sharing. And we're watching in real-time as marketers learn how to become publishers.

Thanks for the good thinking that goes into your posts!

Solid, and actionable!

I spend just about every morning reading my RSS feeds, which I've got broken down into several categories:

dailies (where you show up)
change agents
misc social
auto culture
auto news

I've also picked up some new subscriptions and ideas from the posts you've shared over time, Valeria. Those are often some of the biggest surprises of my morning. :)

Great post. Recurrence is a great tip. We forget that readers (especially new ones) are impatient, and if we don't aim to show them our best stuff first, they may never come back. Great ideas in this article, Valeria.

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