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funny how I have been more productive with a combination of working remotely than I have by going into an office. It's not enough to reconfigure a floor plan from offices to cubicles. Organizations needs to become used to working together - figuring out how to collaborate and learn from each other. It's more of an issue of removing obstacles, understanding timing on noise/signal ratio, etc.

From my own experience with internal communications, I would say that official channels are often late and overly polished as well as top-down without opportunity for discussion. On top of that, people watch the gap between talk and walk...

It's not just about the tools, although they do help. It's about attitude and culture.

This is a great conversation. It's silly that companies continue to have employees come into boring, low energy, low collaboration work environments for no other reason, except that it's the way it's always been done. If we're going to have people work in the same physical space, let's, like you say Valeria, leverage technology in new and innovative ways to get more done, share knowledge, and coordinate action so as to make a work space worthy of the work we do.

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